"Unusual" items"

While most of what SXS DJ Equipment Hire does fits neatly into one of the category pages on this site, we have many other items that are just plain weird.

Our proactive response to client's needs over the years has built us a stock of unusual and weird items that may be useful to you in creating a unique event, or fulfilling a one-off requirement.

Below are a long list of stuff we have in stock that you may be able to use. Most of these items are not listed elsewhere on the site.


Gas Flambeaux
SXS DJ Equipment Hire has a stock of six gas flambeaux. These are the perfect entrance effect for any event


Rope Stanchions
We have a stock of red rope stanchions. Great as an unobtrusive crowd control or entrance effect

Perspex Seating
We hold a massive quantity (over 100) of perspex cube seats. These measure 60cmx60xmx40cm. This makes them perfect as a coffee table or for low-level seating. Lighting can be installed these units.

Perspex Stage Set
With the boxes mentioned above we can create some absolutely stunning set concepts. Rear lighting and custom graphics makes them versatile for a colourful and exciting finish to conference sets, decor, art installs, or dance events.


Painted Carpet
We can do custom painted carpet for themed and branded events.

Snow Effects
Snow can look great on a range of themed events. We have various snow producing equipment and the rigging to get it over the audiences heads.

Palm Tree
We have a fake palm tree! It looks cool.

High-Def Gaming
Using our stock of large HD plasmas we can provide high-definition gaming, in particular using Nintendo Wii systems.


Lava Lamps
Dont ask why, but we have around 100 lava lamps in stock. These can make for funky table centre pieces.

Lava Projection
To complete your lava table centres, we can also project funky mesmerizing oil images onto venue walls and buildings.

Inflatable Cones
we have a large stock of inflatable cones. These can be used indoors, outdoors, and even flown upside down. Internal LED lighting makes for great effects.

Steel Flats
We have a large stock of brushed stainless steel flats. These are a unique, clean and industrial set option for all events

Custom Theatres
Using our massive array of staging, truss, drapes and specialist rigging gear we can create a custom theatre space in any room or outdoors.

We have in stock a range of sofas. Also we can build more to your specification if required.

Raised and Staged Areas
Using our wide range of staging, rigging, ramps and steps we can create any kind of raised area.

Fairy Lights
Fairy lights, used properly, can create stunning effects and we have a large stock of different colours and lengths for various effects.

fairy lights

Gobo Projection
We can project gobos onto any surface, including large buildings and other structures.

Building Lighting
We have a set of City Colour floods, allowing us to do colour changing lighting for any building.


Pole Dancing Stage System
We have pole dancing stage systems that are ideal for wild student parties, or as a novelty at corporate events. more info here

Dancing Cages
These cages are great for dance parties with podium dancers, or events with an industrial theme. The cages are 1.2m wide by 2.4m high and rest on a 1.2m x 1.2m stage deck. More info here

We can provide a complete event carpetting service. Be it up stairs, over a stage, down a ramp or just a warehouse floor, we have the experience and kit to get the right finish. More info here

Live Ferns
These ferns are a great way to make a harsh event space feel a little more atmospheric and enjoyable for your guests.


Trianlge Staging
While most staging units are square, we have some triangle sections, in both orientations. Useful for all sorts of things.





Other Kit
As well as the weird stuff, we can also supply PA dj equipments, Dancefloor Lighting and Complete Production Services



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