event industry services

The SXS DJ Equipment Hire Team is always keen to help, and work alongside, other events industry providers.

How Can We Help

Although most of our work is domianted by end-clients, we are always more than happy to assist other production companes, party planners, sound companies and lighting companies enhance their services.

Why Work With Us

At busy periods, or on the largest jobs, we all occasionally need the assistance of other providers. We are more than happy to fill your gaps in terms of equipment, infrastructure and crewing when you need it most.

Commercial Benefits

If you are currently using multiple providers, you will find substantial savings working with SXS. We own outright all the kit we need for the job so do not need to hire anything in. Also, this means that one centrally-managed crew and transport system will deliver all goods. Please see our Value Statement for more info

Our Relationship With You

As a provider ourselves we know there can be concerns about getting other companies in a job. As such we guarantee to:
- Work purely under your name
- Wear whatever uniform is neccessary
- Not mention or discuss our own operation while onsite at your event