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If you need top-spec DJ equipment for your next event, you have come to the right place!

We hold a large and well-maintained stock of the best DJ gear in the world, including:

Pioneer CDJ 1000 Hire

This is currently the industry standard CD deck. It is reliable, solid and all professional DJs are happy to use it. We stock the MKII and MKIII models. More info here

Pioneer CDJ 800 Hire

This is a slightly lower spec version of the CDJ1000, but is typically OK for DJs who want to put on a quality performance, but are not as fussy. more here


Pioneer DJM800

The DJM800 is the most recent addition to the Pioneer range. This is a top-spec, high quality mixer for demanding DJs. More info on the Pioneer DJM800 here


Pioneer DJM909 Hire

The Pioneer DJM909 is often regarded as an unusualy mixer. It is a 2-channel scratch mixer with a very powerful but complex touch-screen effects unit.


Pioneer DJM700 Hire

The DJM700 is from the same era as the DJM800 but a slightly cut-down version. Still a very good mixer, it just doesnt have a few of the features that the DJM800 does.

Pioneer DJM600 Hire

The DJM600 is a slightly older mixer now. It has good beat-synced effects and reasonable sound quality.


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